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Honeybee Wraps are a guilt free, zero waste, recyclable and eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm, paper and plastic lunch bags. These bees wraps are easy to use, versatile, quick to clean and are good for the environment.

HoneyBee wraps have been made with:

100% cotton

Jojoba oil

Tree resin

Natural beeswax

Honeybee Wraps are a great alternative for covering you or your children's packed lunch, bread, sandwiches, storing food or covering other fruits/ vegetables whilst reducing your own carbon footprint. Made with love and care and created to promote sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives for everyday use. HoneyBee Wraps are great biodegradable and compostable alternative to clingfilm.

Box contents:

3 wraps sizes- 7"×10", 10" x 11" and 13" × 14" .

Product Care:

HoneyBee Wraps are durable for up to a year, depending on care and use.

As with most products, expect this to vary dependant upon how heavily it is used.

Taking good care of your wrap will extend its life.

Protect wraps from heat sources such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, prolonged full sun on a hot day - or anything hot enough to melt wax.

Product Disposal:

Beeswax does not have a shelf life and will not 'go off', but with use, the protective wax coating on your wrap will fade.

When your Honeybee Wrap has reached the end of its life you can refresh it with new beeswax or dig a hole in your backyard and bury it - unlike plastic it will return to the earth without a trace.

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